Quality Improvement

The audit is committed to sharing Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives and areas of best practice to improve the quality care for people with anxiety and depression. We want to encourage Trusts involved in the audit to use NCAAD data and QI methods to effect successful and lasting changes.

During November and December 2019 the NCAAD team ran six Quality Improvement workshops across England for audit leads and Trust staff involved in the both the core and spotlight audits.  Each workshop was facilitated by an expert in quality improvement and gave an overview of QI methods and tools.

Find out more about QI workshops and what people thought (PDF).

Between March and May the NCAAD team will be hosting two webinars, with a focus on QI and how to use the Core and Spotlight audit results to implement successful change in your service. These sessions will be facilitated by our clinical advisor and a QI expert, and will enable you to interact live with other NHS trusts to share your achievements and struggles with different QI tools, methodologies, plans and projects. Most importantly, the webinars will be based on content that you want. The webinars will encourage shared learning and provide real-life examples of how to use the NCAAD data for QI planning.

The NCAAD webinars are your opportunity to get tailored, specialised support for your NCAAD QI projects no matter their current stage. 

The webinars will be held at 11am on 17th March and 12th May 2020.

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The NCAAD team have set up a free to use forum called Knowledge Hub which enables Trusts to share QI knowledge, tools and best practice with others. This has been created for anyone who participated in the audit, in order to help Trusts to discuss practical applications to address specific shortfalls identified following the National Clinical Audit of Anxiety and Depression report.

All attendees are invited to join Knowledge Hub to:

  • Share best practice and quality improvement plans
  • Connect with other members and seek advice
  • Discuss methodologies, tools and training relating to QI in healthcare
  • Offer feedback to the NCAAD team

To sign up, register with Knowledge Hub, search for NCAAD and start sharing your ideas!

The audit team has created a NCAAD newsletter. In the February edition you will find audit updates, details of upcoming events of interest and quality improvement initiatives that Trusts may find useful and informative for their own QI projects using NCAAD data.

Issue 1, February 2020 (PDF) 

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