Service user and public involvement

Service user and carer reference group

The Service User and Carer Reference Group brings together people with lived experience of anxiety/depression, and  people with experience of caring for someone with anxiety/depression.

Members of the group will draw on their experiences and provide input to the Steering Group by considering the following:

  • Standards of care and treatment
  • Measurement tools
  • Marketing and promotion of the audit
  • Recommendations from the audit to improve practice

McPin Foundation

NCAAD will work in collaboration with the mental health charity McPin to ensure that each stage of the audit responds to the needs of people with anxiety and depression and their carers. McPin will be supported by the Service User and Carer Reference Group to design and produce lay reports/other materials to disseminate the findings of the audit.

NCAAD art competition

Our art competition closed in August 2018.

Psychological Therapies Spotlight Audit

Service User Survey

This survey is part of a national clinical audit that looks at the quality of psychological therapy (talking treatment) in England, and asks about people’s experiences of therapy. As someone who receives therapy, your response will help us understand what services and therapists are doing well, what they are not doing so well, and how we can help them improve.

 To complete this survey, you will need the ID of the service where you received therapy; this should have been given to you by the therapist who asked you to complete this questionnaire, please contact them if you do not know the service ID. The ID will tell us which service provided your therapy, but it cannot identify you.

 Please click here for further information, and to complete the survey online.

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