Service User and Public Involvement


Service User and Carer Reference Group

The Service User and Carer Reference Group brings together people with lived experience of anxiety/depression, and people with experience of caring for someone with anxiety/depression.

Members of the group drew on their experiences and provided input to the Steering Group on the following:

  • Standards of care and treatment;
  • Measurement tools;
  • Marketing and promotion of the audit;
  • Recommendations from the audit to improve practice.

McPin Foundation

NCAAD worked in collaboration with the mental health charity McPin to ensure that each stage of the audit responds to the needs of people with anxiety and depression and their carers. McPin was supported by the Service User and Carer Reference Group to design and produce lay reports/other materials to disseminate the findings of the audit.

NCAAD Art Competition

NCAAD ran an art competition between March and August 2018 and the winning image has been published on the front page of the report.

Richard Driscoll Memorial Award

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) have awarded NCAAD with the Richard Driscoll Memorial Award 2019 as a recognition of outstanding work in patient and public involvement. The audit was awarded this based on its excellent patient leadership that led to a co-produced annual report, increasing its accessibility for lay people, and the direct impact from extensive PPI throughout the audit process.

Effective collaboration with service users and carers is key for the audit, to ensure that their voices are heard and that the priority remains the quality of care received by those accessing secondary care psychological services.

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