Spotlight 2

The second spotlight audit focusses on the qualitative data collected from the service user survey during the psychological therapies spotlight audit.

To make full use of the wealth of data already collected but not analysed during the psychological therapies spotlight, the second spotlight audit is an in-depth qualitative analysis of the free text comments submitted as service user feedback. This has been combined with feedback from the service user and carer reference group, taking place in November 2019, and the results are presented as a thematic analysis.

The analysis of the responses to the free-text query can be segmented by the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Accessibility
  • Theme 2: Therapist
  • Theme 3:  Therapy content
  • Theme 4: Continuity of care 
  • Theme 5: Communication
  • Theme 6: Physical environment
  • Theme 7: Impact of therapy
  • Theme 8: Control

The data will enable services to better understand the experiences of service users and help us to improve future rounds of audits e.g. by identifying issues that matter to service users, but which are not currently covered.

This report is expected to be published in May 2020.

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