Events and regional workshops


We provide free events and workshops to current members of POMH-UK. Non-members interested in joining POMH-UK may also attend.

Our regional workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about our new quality improvement programmes and allow members to feedback on our audit tools during their development. 

Alongside this, delegates will hear from local mental health services on their quality improvement initiatives and other experts on topics of interest. 

Members are also encouraged to display posters on the work they’ve undertaken. Please contact the POMH-UK team for guidance. 

Full location details of our upcoming events can be found in our events flyer (PDF).

Bookings are now closed. Further events and dates will be announced later this year.

Events 2018/19  Location                     Date                   
Regional Workshop: The use  of antidepressantsLondon23 January 2019


If you have any questions, please contact a member of the team.

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