Co-production paper

 The NCCMH has been commissioned by NHS England to create evidence-based document with tools to facilitate appropriate co-production in commissioning of mental health provision for people of all ages, in line with recommendation 8 from the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. 

To support the development of this work, we are looking for positive practice examples of co-production in the commissioning of mental health services via a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was designed with our national team, which includes people with lived experience of mental health problems and their carers, and mental health commissioners.

This project will summarise the evidence for co-production and how it can improve both mental health commissioning, and mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

It will include key co-production principles that can be used to create measurable standards, describe the key existing evidence gaps, and summarise examples of positive practice of co-produced mental health commissioning in England.

If you would like to join us and, from your professional experience, help us to understand the processes of appropriate co-production in mental health commissioning, please fill out our questionnaire by Monday 18 February 2019.

All responses will be anonymised and used only by the NCCMH. Before we add the information you provide about your commissioning processes to our work, we will contact you via email for permission.

We will then collaborate with you on finalising the summary text that will be included. If you have any queries about this work or the questionnaire, please email Paulina Jozwiak.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to your participation!


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