International/European doctors

EU nationals with some specialist training in another European member state can enter UK training at any level and have their previous training counted for the award of a CCT.  

However, they need to provide confirmation of this from the competent authority of the relevant European Country that this training meets the minimum requirements of Directive 2005/36/EC. 

They will need to present this evidence when attending interviews for posts above ST1 (Specialty Training Year 1). This confirmation is then treated in the same way as having training in a GMC approved training post.

Doctors who qualified as specialists in countries other than EEA member states and meet the required criteria may be eligible to enter the Specialist Register by obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility for the Specialist Register (CESR) the equivalence route.   

Eligibility for a CCT depends on completion of training which meets GMC requirements in every respect.  Under the current legislation, time spent in career grade posts does not satisfy these legal requirements and cannot be counted towards compliance with the standards and requirements for a CCT.  

Therefore, doctors who have spent any time in posts not approved for training purposes by the Board cannot be awarded a CCT when they transfer to specialist training at anywhere above ST1.

This means that doctors who have moved between specialist career posts and training posts cannot be awarded a CCT but, if they meet the required standards, would be eligible for specialist registration through the CESR route.  

The same situation applies to doctors who have undertaken specialist training overseas, not prospectively approved as part of a UK specialist training programme, who enter a programme anywhere above ST1.

In contrast, doctors who move from a fixed term specialist training post into a specialist training programme at year 2 or above will be eligible for a CCT, provided GMC has approved the fixed term posts which they have held and their training is relevant to the CCT programme they enter.

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