World Mental Health Day

There has never been a greater need for the increased investment to mental health care as the present. The pandemic has shone a light on the fragility of our mental health and how dependent the world is on resilient and united communities in order to overcome a deep period of crisis.

We’ve seen unprecedented amounts of mental health guidance produced to meet an ever-rising demand. The time is now to embed continuous and thorough investment practices to ensure that mental health is never an afterthought for policymakers.

Tune in to our programme to celebrate WMHD with us.

Blog to mark World Mental Health Day

We are pleased to feature a blog about how mental health care has been affected by COVID-19 in India.

WMHD Webinar on the effects of COVID-19: On me, my community and my nation - 8 October 2020

During our special virtual roundtable discussion our speakers shared their lockdown experiences and how it affected them personally, within their communities, and ultimately how it affected their nations.

The speakers included:

  • Catherine Mutisya – Kenya
  • Elaine Lockhart – Scotland
  • Nasser Loza – Egypt
  • Trudi Seneviratne - England

New ways to stay in touch

We are also marking World Mental Health Day 2020 by creating new ways for our international members to stay up to date, including

  • Launching this new high profile section of the RCPsych website, which is accessible via the International link at the top of every page on the site
  • Launching a new twitter feed @RCPsychITNL