Clinical Excellence Awards 2019

The 2019 Clinical Excellence Awards opened on Thursday 7 February and will close on Thursday 4 April.

The Clinical Excellence Awards recognise outstanding performance in a range of areas. If you think you might be eligible for an award, please see the ACCEA website for further details.

Applying for an award

As a recognised nominating body, the Royal College of Psychiatrists is permitted to recommend a limited number of members to ACCEA.

The deadline for seeking College support has now passed but it is still possible to apply for an award without this recommendation by completing a form on the ACCEA website.

For members still wishing to apply, the College can also provide a citation to support the application.

Tips for maximising your success

When filling in the form it is important to:

  • Follow the steps in the ACCEA application guide
  • Give clear dates for your achievements
  • Do not repeat information from old applications, ACCEA assessors may compare new and old applications and check repeated information, which could affect your score
  • Write society and group names in full – do not use acronyms because non-medical sub-committee members reading the application may not know them
  • Give measurable information (like outcome data) wherever you can and quote the dates, source and relevant benchmarks
  • Explain the impact you had in all the roles you list (just being in a role does not justify an award)
  • For a higher award, show a ‘step up’ from your current level – the higher the award, the more you should highlight the effect of your achievements nationally and internationally
  • For a new bronze award, concentrate on evidence from the last 5 years
  • For a higher award or a renewal, make it clear what you've achieved since the date of your last new award
  • If your last award was less than 5 years ago, give evidence since your last award and be clear about what you have achieved since then
  • If your last award was more than 5 years ago, concentrate on evidence from the last 5 years (but you can give evidence from the date of your last award)
For further questions on the application process please contact the ACCEA Secretariat on 020 7972 4608 or email

2019 Awards Timetable

The Award round opens on Thursday 7 February. All applications must be submitted to the College by 5pm on Tuesday 26 February.

The person you have suggested to write your citation will be contacted and asked to provide one, this will then be submitted on behalf of the College. If you are not successful in being included on the College list but would still like to apply for an award the College can submit this citation to support your application.

The applications received are then circulated to the Chairs of Faculties and Divisions and they are asked to rank them using ACCEA’s five domains.

These domains are:

  • Delivering a high-quality service
  • Developing a high-quality service
  • Managing a high-quality service
  • Research and innovation
  • Teaching and training

The College’s Clinical Excellence Awards Committee then meets and a final list is decided.  Following this meeting members will be informed as to whether they have been successful in being included on the College’s list.

The College Awards Administrator will upload the final ranked list with supporting citations to ACCEA.

Individuals on the College’s list will be advised to submit their application to ACCEA if they have not already done so.

It will be your responsibility – not the College’s – to complete an online application on the ACCEA website complete with the supporting employer’s statement from your chief executive or nominated deputy by 5pm on Thursday 4 April.


The College sends ONE citation on behalf of each nominee submitted to ACCEA. Citations must be drafted specifically for the College and must focus on international or national rather than local achievements. This citation should be written by someone who is familiar with your work and its impact.

As the citation should not duplicate information on your form, it is advisable to provide the person drafting the citation with a copy of your completed application form.

The deadline for receiving citations at the College is Monday 18 March.


Members will need to put in a renewal application if:

  • they received their current award in the 2015 round
  • their award was last renewed in 2014 (awarded in 2010, 2005, 2000).

Provided that your email address is the same as when you last applied for a new award or renewal, ACCEA will also contact you to let you know whether you are due for renewal.

Renewals are not included in the ranked list submitted to ACCEA but the College provides a citation to support the application. This citation must be received at the College by Monday 18th March.

Since the 2014 National Awards round you can opt to renew your Silver, Gold or Platinum award at the same level or at a lower level; your decision should be based on what level of award you consider your supporting evidence to be appropriate for.

In recent years the number of renewals has decreased and the process has become more competitive. ACCEA guidelines state that 'consultants are advised to give as much attention to completing an application for the renewal of an award as they would give to submitting an application for a new award.'

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Awards Administrator at if you have any further questions.

Paul Rees
Chief Executive
January 2019