COVID-19: information for psychiatrists in Scotland

Explore our most up to date guidance and information for psychiatrists working in Scotland. 

How to use our guidance

The RCPsych has created a fast-evolving hub of COVID-19 information designed for clinicians.  This guidance has been written from a broad UK perspective and will be, for the most part, applicable across the UK, and the College is asking its members in Scotland to adhere to this guidance where possible.

This page contains references to key Scottish resources, external guidance and a glossary of terms, to complement the UK guidance.

Key Principles

  • Mental health professionals, as with other healthcare workers, may find themselves having to make very difficult decisions during this time. Practitioners should continue to adhere to their own and Good Medical Practice values; and it is essential that they know that in doing so, they have the full support of the Chief Medical Officer, Regulatory Bodies, and the Royal College.
  • This guidance provides a set of universally applicable instructions for mental health professionals, however, local Health Board and Health and Social Care Partnership guidance must also be adhered to.
  • Practitioners should continue to do their utmost to adhere to human rights principles and those of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. Circumstances may arise which prove a challenge to the normal practice of adherence to these principles, in such incidences practitioners should act with proportionality and with Good Medical Practice values.
  • Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is update regularly, however, practitioners must also refer to Health Protection Scotland for regular updates, as PPE guidance will continue to evolve.


Please note that some of the terms used in the RCPsych’s guidance are aimed at members in England and Wales and are not applicable to Scotland. For instance, references to Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups should be interpreted as Health Boards.

Please note that the use of Local resilience forums and Health Protection teams (HPT) are not applicable to Scottish Psychiatry and Mental Health. If you see a link to Public Health England, please refer to Health Protection Scotland.

Scottish Specific Guidance

Whilst the UK guidance should be relevant and of use to practitioners across the UK, please find below some exceptions and considerations specific to the Scottish health care system. This will be updated regularly.