Our Faculty is concerned with the assessment and treatment of people with complex medical and social needs arising out of addictions or addictive behaviour (this may include gambling).

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Chair: Dr Faye Graver



Senedd Cymru scrutiny of the Bill 

The Bill was introduced on 23 October 2017, and agreed by the Assembly on 19 June 2018. The College gave oral evidence to the Health, Social Care and Sport committee on 23 November, 2017. 

Detail of legislation


Welsh Governments Chief Medical Officer, Dr Frank Atherton has released his second annual report giving a focus upon problem gambling.

Figures released on the 18 September 2019 from Public Health Wales' Harm Reduction Database Wales: Drug related mortality, Annual Report 2018-19 (PDF) show that drug-related deaths in Wales are at their highest levels on record.

The gambling field must learn from alcohol research states a joint report from RCPsych Wales and Alcohol Concern Cymru: 'A losing bet?'.


Alcohol and drugs: for parents and carers

Public information leaflets developed by RCPsych

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