Be Kind, Be You

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, we partnered with Jess Davies and a number of prominent Welsh figures in sharing a message of kindness online.
The 'Be Kind, Be You' campaign was devised by Jess Davies, with support from the Welsh College. A campaign video, with a strong message was launched attracting a significant online audience, including over 80 thousand views across social media platforms within a week.

The campaign video was filmed, narrated, and edited by Jess Davies, who also features in the video alongside individuals who have experienced trolling and hate online. Michael Sheen, Owain Arthur, Femi Oluwole, Divina De Campo, Ovie Soko and Connagh Howard, amongst many others feature in the video. 

The video and its message of sharing kindness has gathered much support.


“Social media can have an effect on people’s mental health and so it was the perfect partnership to team up with the Royal College Of Psychiatrists to help spread this message of kindness online and highlight how upsetting these comments can be.

It’s been so empowering to take part in this project and help share the stories of those who have been a target of online trolls."

Jess Davies 

"The video had such a strong message, and has received an overwhelming number of supportive comments online. We're excited to further develop this creative campaign, and we're hugely grateful for Jess and all off the contributors for supporting this important project."

Ollie John, Royal College of Psychiatrists Wales


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