Mental health should be a ‘central component’ in schools, say experts

10 December 2018

The first joint conference between The Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales and NAHT Cymru, the school leaders’ union in Wales is to be held in Cardiff on 14th December.

  • Good mental health is paramount and should be ‘everybody’s business’
  • Schools play a vital role but they cannot do it alone
  • The mental health of pupils and staff are inextricably linked

Rob Williams, NAHT Cymru’s Director of Policy, said:

“Children’s mental health and wellbeing is an area of increasing importance in all schools across the UK, and as a result, should become a central component to the Welsh Government’s reforms.
“A great deal of school-based work is currently ongoing across Wales, with teachers and school leaders implementing a raft of welcome wellbeing-focused reforms. The work has not only been concerned with the wellbeing of the children and young people themselves, but also on the staff who work to support them – including staff roles at every level across the school setting.”

Professor Alka S Ahuja, Public Engagement Lead with The Royal College of Psychiatry Wales, said:

“The mental health and well-being of our children and young people is paramount and should be everybody’s business. Teachers and other school staff are well placed in supporting resilience and emotional well-being among children and young people.
“Training in emotional and mental health awareness is extremely necessary for everyone who cares, volunteers or works with children and young people. This awareness and training will help tackle issues of stigma, promote good mental health and enable a healthier and happier society for our children and young people”

Collaborative Approaches to Improve Mental Health in Schools

It has long been recognised that there is a link between the mental health and wellbeing of young people and the impact it can have upon their education.

There are many professionals who are working in various capacities with children within setting, all of whom directly or indirectly can be a source of support to children throughout their time at school. The “Collaborative Approaches to Mental Health” conference has been designed with this as its core focus.

The event will include a day of informative, engaging and interactive workshops for all attendees, given by representatives of some a Wales’ leading organisations including The Samaritans, Action for Children, Training in Mind, plus other professionals who are leading the way with their pioneering work within schools.

The Royal College of Psychiatry in Wales and NAHT Cymru are also proud to announce that Professor Tamsin Ford of Exeter University will be delivering the keynote lecture.

'The Collaborative Approaches to Mental Health' conference will take place on Friday 14 December 2018, at the All Nations Centre, Cardiff.