Cochrane, Suicide and Self Harm Satellite 


In 2014 CCMD set up a Suicide and Self-Harm Satellite group, based at the College of Medicine at Swansea University.

Led by Professors Ann John and Keith Lloyd, the Satellite facilitates the synthesis, production, and dissemination of high-quality evidence on the effects of interventions and preventive strategies for suicide and self-harm.

Core activities of the Suicide and Self-Harm satellite include:

  • Undertake prioritisation exercises to identify high-priority reviews in suicide and self-harm prevention and interventions
  • Production and dissemination of high-priority reviews relevant to the field; and translation of this knowledge into policy









Based at Swansea University

Gathering, evaluating and distributing reviews on the effects of interventions and prevention strategies for people at risk of suicide and self-harm

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