Approved clinician and section 12(2) training

All new prospective Approved Clinician's and Section 12(2) Doctors are required to attend a two-day course commissioned by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and in conjunction with RCPsych in Wales.

The certificate is required as part of the application process.

Applicants must have attended the training no longer than two years prior to applying for approval. If longer than two years they are required to attend the full two days of training again.

Before making an application to attend the induction training, please ensure that you have consulted the relevant guidance and meet the criteria to submit an application for Section 12(2) or Approved Clinician status.

Refresher Training

Section 12(2) Doctors & Approved Clinicians must attend a one-day refresher course within the last two years of their current five-year approval ending.

National Training Course List AC S12 England

The All Wales Approval Team, in discussions with the Department of Health have agreed that Approval Panels in England and Wales can accept each other's training for the purposes of AC/s12 approval and re-approval.

Online courses for Section 12 and Approved Clinician Training have been developed by RCPsych in response to Covid-19, further information and detail is available.

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