Careers Fairs

Whilst we’ve received encouraging news this year, that efforts to increase the fill rate into core training in psychiatry have proven successful, and resulted in a 100% fill rate into core training in Wales - we can’t be complacent.

This year we’ve worked to increase the support offered to members in promoting the profession, alongside our own initiatives and campaigns - this has included providing resources and support around a number of health board and university-led events.

Please get in touch if your health board or medical school is running an opportunity where we can support, we’re really keen to assist.



School Engagement

We’ve also increased our engagement with school sixth forms and sixth form colleges in offering opportunities to attend and contribute to various academic conferences and events.

One such, fantastic example of this was the sixth form students from Radyr High School in supporting the 2019 RCPsych Medical School Conference. This was facilitated with the support of Prof Alka Ahuja, Dr Siobhan Henley, and the organising teams from Cardiff and Swansea Psychiatric Societies.

This is a program that we’ll look to extend in the new year but it’s fantastic to have received such positive feedback from young people and schools who have already taken advantage.

Find out more information on our work with schools.

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