President's Lecture - In Place of Fear


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President's Lecture - In Place of Fear

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Webinar Synopsis - In Place of Fear

Illness and ill-being frighten us, as we know all too well in the midst of this pandemic. Fear can produce much-needed action – but it can also preoccupy, distract, undermine thinking, and seriously damage engagement and cooperation. It can breed resentment, exhaustion and despair.

The ways we manage anxiety and fear, whether as patients, clinicians or managers, whether as individuals, families, organisations or societies, are vital to health and wellbeing – even survival.

Our health and social care services could contain our fears much better. Instead, deliberately or otherwise, intimidation and threat too often infect relationships.    We will try to understand this through exploring the dynamics of individuals, groups and systems - and then think about how to create a climate in which people and practice can thrive.

This will be followed by a live Q&A session hosted by Dr Adrian James, President, The Royal College of Psychiatrists. 


Speaker biographies

John Ballatt, Penny Campling and Chris Maloney are the authors of ‘Intelligent Kindness: Rehabilitating the Welfare State’, published by the College and Cambridge University Press in February 2020. 

John worked as a practitioner, trainer, manager and executive director in the voluntary sector, local government and the NHS.  He now writes, lectures and offers consultancy and support at all levels in the system.

Penny worked many years in the NHS as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Clinical Director. She has a particular interest in the power of groups to nurture and heal. She is an independent psychotherapist, writer and blogger, currently supporting frontline ICU staff during the pandemic.

Chris was a Consultant Medical Psychotherapist, and then a GP Partner in Hackney, East London.  He also had an independent psychiatric and medical practice with people seeking asylum, and is co-editing a book on Seeking Asylum and Mental Health for the College and CUP.



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