'illustrating the mind'
Gwyl Dewi 2021

Dr Rhys Bevan Jones and Cerys Knighton present the Royal College of Psychiatrists Wales St David's Day | Gwyl Dewi presentation 'illustrating the mind'

Cerys Knighton is a 26-year-old Welsh artist and medical humanities PhD student, whose research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council SWW-DTP.

Working with ink pointillism, pencil, and clay, she creates artwork exploring the findings from her research, as well as her own experiences of living with bipolar disorder since childhood.

Dr Rhys Bevan Jones works and researches in the field of psychiatry in Cardiff, he has also gained successes in the art world. His interest is in the relationship between psychology/psychiatry and the visual world, and much of his work is based on themes such as the mind, mental states and identity. 

His prints have been exhibited (e.g. at the National Eisteddfod and the 'Association of Illustrators' (UK) annual exhibitions), and he has received commissions for books and journals, and has been awarded grants by the Arts Council of Wales.

He has studied in art colleges such as Central St Martins and Kingston University, London - where he graduated with a first class degree - and is now investigating the use of illustrations and digital media further in research, therapy and education for individuals, families/carers, medics and the general public.

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