Making an impact

This webinar is highlights the respective policy and political engagement work that has been undertaken in Wales and Scotland in the run up to national elections in May. The webinar also gives practical advice for how members can engage with politicians most effectively.

Hosted by the College’s Registrar, Dr Trudi Seneviratne, this webinar reflects on work that the College is undertaking in Wales and Scotland to improve outcomes for patients, by shaping policy and working directly with our membership.

This comes ahead of critical elections in both nations, and also features details on how members can get involved in policy activities.

To do that, we have:

  • Aidan Reid and Liz Williams, the policy officers in Scotland and Wales respectively, talk us through the work going on in both nations to enable members to positively influence the legislative agenda.
  • Dr Clementine Maddock, as Vice Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Wales, speaks to what it’s like to engage as a member directly with ministers and in giving evidence to parliamentary committees.
  • As a former minister in the Scottish Government, Dr Richard Simpson will speak to what ministers, civil servants and parliamentarians are hoping to get out of engagements with our members.

We hope their perspective can aid your efforts as a member to advocate on behalf of the College
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