Mental Health Act S12 (2) AC approvals

On behalf of the Department of Health TEWV manages the approvals function for all section 12(2) doctors and Approved Clinicians seeking approval and re-approval, under the amended Mental Health Act 1983, within the North of England. As such NEAP covers the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions. 

Any S12(2) or AC application queries should be directly made to the NEAP office details provided below:

North of England Approvals Panel Yorkshire:
West Park Hospital North Yorkshire
Edward Pease Way East Riding of Yorkshire
Darlington South Yorkshire
Co Durham West Yorkshire
Fax:  01325 552386
Tel: 01325 552391
North East:
Email: County Durham
Website: North of England Approvals Panel Northumberland
 Tyne and Wear
Approvals Manager: Allison Mosley  
Panel Chair: Dr Gill Bell North West:
Panel Vice Chairs: Dr Ed Silva (North West) Cheshire
                                   Dr John Frazer (Yorkshire) Cumbria
Approvals Coordinators: Greater Manchester
Yorkshire  – Jayne Wall Tel:  01325 552389 Lancashire
North East – Marjorie Wilson Tel:  01325 552388 Merseyside
North West (surnames A- Q)  - Kate Sutherland Tel:  01325 552387  
North West (surnames R –Z) - Paula Hodgman Tel:  01325 552387  


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