Previous events

Tuesday 26 January 2021 - Zoom Webinar

Speakers: Derek Tracy

Summary: The North West Division were pleased to welcome RCPsych Communicator of the Year 2019, Dr Derek Tracy, to deliver a Masterclass on malingering in clinical practice. The talk gave an overview of the known data on malingering of mental illnesses, a practical primer on assessment where it is suspected, and guidance on producing reports and discussing this in court.

Medical Students Event

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Speakers include:

  • Dr Neel Halder I Top Tips for Writing and Publishing Research
  • Ghazal Mukhtar I Systematic Review of Acute Neuro-psychiatric Complications of Covid-19
  • Dr Gursh Johal I How to Ace Your Interview
  • Dr Syeda Hasan I How to Build an Award Winning Portfolio

The Assessment and Management of Adult ADHD and its Comorbidities 

Friday 28th May 2021, Online Conference 

Speakers included:

  • Professor Philip Asherson I ADHD and the Wandering Mind: A Psychopathological Approach
  • Dr Joe Johnson I Amongst the Chaos is a Disorder
  • Dr Mo Abdelghani I Consequences of Untreated ADHD in Adults
  • Dr Peter Management I The Management of ADHD
  • Dr Allyson Parry I Women with ADHD - A Neurologist Perspective

Tuesday 23 March 2021 - Zoom Webinar


Professor Allan Young


Professor Young made an in-depth review on Bipolar disorder (BD) as well as discussing recent advances. Treatment issues were also discussed including approaches to cognitive impairment in BD.

Frontiers in Psychiatric Treatment – Schizophrenia & related Psychoses

Friday 22 November 2019, Kings House Conference Centre, Manchester

Speakers Included:

Professor Anthony Morrison I Psychological Treatments for Schizophrenia 

Dr Anthony James I Early-Onset Psychosis: Recent Findings 

Dr John Stevens I Early Intervention in Psychosis

Professor Thomas Barnes I The Psychopharmacological Treatment of Schizophrenia

Dr Fiona Gaughran I Treatment Resistance in Psychosis

The conference also held the annual Medical Student, Foundation Doctor, Trainee and SAS Dr Competitions. A list of winners can be found on the Division Competitions page.

The Integration of Psychotherapy into Everyday Psychiatric Practice

Friday 21 June 2019, Kings House Conference Centre, Manchester

Speakers Included:

Dame Philippa Russell DBE I Creating New Models of Collaborative Care: Drawing on the Experiences and Expertise of Patients and Family Carers as Active Partners in Recovery

Iris Benson MBE I Being Human Beings Together 

Dr Penny Campling I Managing Feelings of Love and Hate 

Dr Cleo Van Velsen I The Highs and Lows of creating a Therapeutic Environment for Forensic Personality Disorder

Dr Mark Evans & Dr Amy Squire I How do Psychotherapy Competencies Help Us to Become Better Psychiatrists?

Dr Simon Graham I Working with People with Severe Personality Disorder: Theoretical Ideas that Might Help Clinically

Dr Adam Dierckx I From Therapeutic Communities to Therapeutic Services: What Can a TC Model Offer the General Psychiatrist

Psychiatric Frontiers: Policy and Practice

Friday 30 November 2018 - King's House, Manchester, M1 7HB

Frontiers of psychiatry are expanding at a fast speed. Innovative policies are influencing our day to day clinical practices. To bring these two themes together, this conference drew on the cross-disciplinary expertise of academics, policy makers and clinicians, to explore recent developments and future blueprints for psychiatric policy and practice.

Speakers included:

Sandy Bering | The Greater Manchester Mental Health Strategic Partnership Programme: Priorities, Structure and Future Vision

Professor George Szmukler | Rights-based Mental Health Act Reform

Professor Paul French | Mental Health Response to Large Scale Disaster; Experience from MEN Bombing

Dr Lenny Cornwall | Current Challenges and Future Developments in General Adult Psychiatry

Dr Adrian James | Future Vision for Psychiatry: Policy, Parliament, People

Physical Health and Psychiatry

Friday 15 June 2018 - King's House, Manchester, M1 7HB

Speakers included:

Dr Paul Rowlands – Physical Health and Mental Health: The Challenge of Integration

Dr Rajiv Malhotra – Pain Management in Psychiatric Practice

Dr Hermione Price – The Management of Diabetes and Obesity in people with Severe Mental Illness

Dr Gareth Cuttle – “A healthy mind in a healthy body”? Emerging ideas on the body-brain-behaviour connection

Dr Lalitha Chinnappan – Hepatology and Psychiatry

Dr Richard Hackett – Autoimmune Encephalitis and Psychosis

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