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Psychiatric Frontiers: Policy and Practice

Friday 30 November 2018 - King's House, Manchester, M1 7HB

Frontiers of psychiatry are expanding at a fast speed. Innovative policies are influencing our day to day clinical practices. To bring these two themes together, this conference drew on the cross-disciplinary expertise of academics, policy makers and clinicians, to explore recent developments and future blueprints for psychiatric policy and practice.

Speakers included:

Sandy Bering | The Greater Manchester Mental Health Strategic Partnership Programme: Priorities, Structure and Future Vision

Professor George Szmukler | Rights-based Mental Health Act Reform

Professor Paul French | Mental Health Response to Large Scale Disaster; Experience from MEN Bombing

Dr Lenny Cornwall | Current Challenges and Future Developments in General Adult Psychiatry

Dr Adrian James | Future Vision for Psychiatry: Policy, Parliament, People

*The conference also included the annual Medical Student, Foundation Doctor and Trainee Competitions. Winners can be found via the Division Competitions Webpage.* 

Event Programme (pdf)

Physical Health and Psychiatry

Friday 15 June 2018 - King's House, Manchester, M1 7HB

Speakers included:

Dr Paul Rowlands | Physical Health and Mental Health: The Challenge of Integration

Dr Rajiv Malhotra | Pain Management in Psychiatric Practice

Dr Hermione Price | The Management of Diabetes and Obesity in people with Severe Mental Illness

Dr Gareth Cuttle | “A healthy mind in a healthy body”? Emerging ideas on the body-brain-behaviour connection

Dr Lalitha Chinnappan | Hepatology and Psychiatry 

Dr Richard Hackett | Autoimmune Encephalitis and Psychosis 

Event Programme (pdf)


Five Year Forward Review, Perinatal Liaison Psychiatry 

Friday 1 December 2017 - King's House, Manchester, M1 7HB

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health outlined a clear direction and plan to transform mental health care in England. The program contained several different but related elements across the health system for all ages. This conference provided an overview of the program focusing on perinatal and liaison mental health. 

Speakers included:

Professor Tim Kendall | Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

Dr Margaret Oates | Perinatal Mental Health

Dr Sara Barnes & Dr Rochelle Ramkisson | GM CYP Crisis Pathway

Dr Sarah Jones | Perinatal Psychopharmacology

Dr Sarah Burlinson | Liaison Mental Health Services

Dr Geraldine Swift | Liaison Psychiatry and Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Professor Wendy Burn | The Five Year Forward View   

*The conference also included the annual Medical Student, Foundation Doctor and Trainee Competitions. Winners can be found via the Division Competitions Webpage.* 

Event Programme (pdf)


Treatment Resistance in Psychiatry

Friday 9 June 2017 - King's House, Manchester, M1 7HB

Clinicians often come across treatment resistant cases in their practice. We invited leading experts in their fields to share their expertise in management of treatment resistant disorders.  There are many areas of treatment resistance, this conference focused on depression, bi-polar, PTSD, eating disorders and OCD.

Following the success of the ‘Well’ workshops at the Autumn 2016 conference, the conference included ‘Start Well, Live Well and Age Well’ workshops to support members at different stages of their careers.

Speakers included:

Professor Hamish McAllister-Williams | Treatment-Resistant Depression

Dr Jessica Morgan | Eating Disorders and Treatment Resistance

Professor Jon Bisson | Treatment-Resistant PTSD

Dr Lynne Drummond | OCD and Treatment Resistance

Professor Allan Young | Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Affective Disorder

Event Programme (pdf)

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