Previous events

Webinar on Bipolar Disorder

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Speakers included: 

  • Professor Heinz Grunze I How confident are you in diagnosing bipolar disorders?
  • Dr David Cousins I Lithium - What you need to know?
  • Dr Jonathan Murray I Declining renal function in patients on lithium - What can we do?

Event Programme

When the clapping stops 

Thursday 1 April 2021 

Speakers included:

  • Dr Adrian James I Presidential priorities and the pandemic
  • Dr Richard Cree I The frontline experience
  • Sarah Hopper and Vicky Jervis I Painted rocks and ice pops: Taking psychological first aid to the frontline
  • Hayley Hall I Too numb to clap 
  • Rachel Bloomfield I Balancing patient care and clinical training during the pandemic 
  • Dr Marisa Dias I Together we are stronger
  • Nicola Rea I Nursing through a pandemic: Professionals not superheroes 

Event programme

Masterclass on Mentoring Skills

The Northern and Yorkshire Division delivered an interactive Masterclass on mentoring skills on 5th February 2021.

The session focused on developing the skills essential for effective mentoring. The Masterclass combined informative discussions and demonstrations along with interactive breakouts so attendees could practice various role-play scenarios.

By the end of this workshop, participants were able to:

  • describe the differences between mentoring and coaching
  • describe a model for mentoring
  • use core mentoring skills
  • understand the value and impact of a mentoring in your day job.

New Perspectives and Developments in Psychiatry

Friday 4 October 2019, York Racecourse, YO23 1EX

Speakers included:

Professor Rupert McShane | Ketamine: A new drug for depression

Professor Sir Simon Wessely | Mental Health Act Update

Dr Nuwan Dissanayaka| CTOs – Psychiatric ASBOs or Necessary Coercion? An Unenviable Choice

Hazel Griffiths | Mental Health Act - A Carer's Perspective

Dr Max Henderson| Occupation and Mental Health: A Practical Guide 

Surgeon Commander James Harrison| Re-thinking PTSD and the working life of a Military Psychiatrist

Mrs Beverley Sarstedt| Functional Psychiatry and the role of Nutrition in Mental Health

Dr Derek Tracy| The Smart Psychiatrist's Guide to Psychoactive Substances

Dr Paul Reading| Sleep – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly



'Seeing your True Colours' Understanding Autism

Friday 15 March 2019 - York Racecourse, York, YO23 1EX  

Speakers included:

Dr Tom Berney | ASD: What is it really?

Patrick Samuel | Diagnosis and Coping in ASD: A Personal Perspective 

Stephen 'Stig' Patterson | Finding a voice as an Autistic Musician.

Danielle Rudd | There's no such thing as 'Mild Autism'

Rob Knox & Hazel Griffiths | The Harrogate & District Branch of NAS - Raising Awareness and Understanding and Pushing Acceptance.

The conference also held the annual Medical Student, Foundation Doctor and Trainee Competitions. Winners can be found on the Division Competitions page.

Event Programme (pdf)

Globalisation and Mental Health

Friday 28 September 2018 - York Racecourse, York, YO23 1EX  

Speakers included:

Professor Dinesh Bhugra | Globalisation, Mental Health and Illness

Dr Nishant Goyal | Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Fallacies of Globalisation

Dr Piyal Sen | Refugee Mental Health

Mr Mohammed Noor & Mrs Safia Mohamed | Interpreters/Translators Role in Clinical Practice 

Dr Mona-Lisa Kwentoh & Dr Clare Morgans | The Impact of Culture on the Jobbing Psychiatrist - "Beyond Cultural Competency; Drivers and Challenges"

Professor Peter Tyrer | What are the Implications for ICD-11 for Clinical Practice?

Dr Stefan Ecks | The Global Depression Epidemic: Changing the way you prescribe by changing the way you think

Event Programme (pdf)

Sex and Psychiatry

Friday 23 March 2018 - York Racecourse, York, YO23 1EX

Speakers included:

Professor Liz Hughes | Sexual Health and Serious Mental Illness

Professor Kathryn Abel | Epidemiology of Women’s Mental Health and Relationships with Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Dr Thaddeus Birchard | Understanding & Treating Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Professor Don Grubin | Clinical Assessment & Management of Sexual Offending

Professor Marios Adamou | Gender Dysphoria and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Dr Paul Blenkiron | Let’s Talk about Sex: Inside the Minds of Men and Women

*The conference also held the annual Trainee, Foundation Doctor and Medical Student Competitions. Winners can be found via the Division Competitions Webpage.*

Event Programme (pdf)

Stress and Trauma

Friday 29 September 2017 - York Racecourse, York, YO23 1EX

Speakers included:

Professor Patricia Casey | Adjustment Disorder: An Update

Dr Lisa Rippon | Impact of Trauma in Childhood

Matthew Cole | Facing the Storm: Utilising CBT and EMDR in the Treatment of PTSD

Dr Melanie Temple | Complex Dissociative Disorders - A Logical Way of Being


The Mind, Brain and Body 

Friday 17 March 2017 - York Racecourse, York, YO23 1EX

Speakers included:

Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes | The Neurobiology of Addiction

Dr Wendy Burn & Dr Gareth Cuttle | Neuroscience and the New RCPsych Curriculum

Professor Elspeth Guthrie | Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Dr Arshad Zaman | The Use of fMRI in Psychiatry

Professor Peter White | Latest Opinions on Chronic Fatigues Syndrome and the Role of Psychiatry in its Management.

*The conference also held the annual Trainee, Foundation Doctor and Medical Student Competitions. Winners can be found via the Division Competitions Webpage.*

Event Programme (pdf)

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