South Eastern Division Prizes and past Winners

Welcome to the South Eastern division Prizes/Award winners page.

For more information on the prizes/awards offered by the Division, please contact the manager Karen Morgan.  

Autumn 2020 Winners

Overall Winner 

Dr Kah Long Aw - 'Schizophrenia and Covid-19: Are standards being met during the Covid-19 Pandemic?'.

Entry demonstrating greatest innovation/service improvement

Dr Anne Chua and Dr Sangeeta Makh - 'Implementation of Treatment Escalation Plans in a Community Psychiatric Hospital'.


2nd prize

Dr Paras Agarwal - Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome on Clozapine Monotherapy: A case report. 

3rd prize

Dr Imogen Rees - Monitoring and replacing Vitamin D on an inpatient psychiatric unit for females over 65.

Overall Winner

Dr Helen Lee and Dr Adam Whyte - 'Testing the testers: survey of medical trainees’ knowledge of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment  (MoCA)'.

Entry demonstrating greatest innovation/service improvement

Dr Ben Thompson, Tanith Reehal - 'Use of virtual speech and language therapy in a low secure autism ward'. 

2nd Prize

Dr Shah Tarfarosh.

3rd Prize

Dr Charlotte Jones and Dr Abigail Hood.


South Eastern Division Poetry Prize Winner

Beth Rooney – Dad Jokes.

Spring 2019 Winners

Overall Winner

Dr Victoria Dawe – "Homelessness and Access to Healthcare in Portsmouth"

Victoria Dawe

Greatest Innovation/Service Improvement

Dr Rachel Kurien-Walsh – "Family and carer involvement in acute psychiatric hospital admissions: a closed loop audit of inpatients on Meridian ward, Millview Hospital between April-May, and August-September 2018"

Rachel K-W

Overall Winner

Dr Holly Taylor – "Service user and relatives experience of a shared care model between specialist and generic mental health services for those with First Episode Psychosis over the age of 35"

Holly Taylor


Louisa Campbell – "Finding Nico"


Finding Nico

Was it her, dancing on top of a hundred-foot pole,

calling the world to come up?


Was it her that married the stranger?

Was it her low that divorced him?


Each year she signs up to save the world; each year she drops

out, feeling the air pressing down like an anvil.


She cries. She laughs. She says,

My life is a party that nobody comes to.


Often, she feels like screaming;

sometimes she does –


it sounds like a fountain of glass.

She sees herself in the pieces,


the same way lost treasures are found

while searching for something else.

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