Executive Committee

The Executive Committee communicates College issues to all members of the Trent division, as well as communicating members' concerns to the College. 
Member Year of joining Position
Dr Anandamandiram Ramakrishnan 2017 Chair
Dr Madhvi Belgamwar 2017 Vice Chair
Dr Yennunanda Vishnu Gopal 2018 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Navjot Ahluwalia 2013 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Rais Ahmed 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Michael Akroyd 2016 Committee Member
Dr Saminathan Anand 2017 Committee Member
Mrs Rachel Bannister 2017 Committee Member
Dr Charlotte Blewett 2014 (EX) Committee Member
Dr Darran Bloye 2015 (E) Education Training and Standards Committee Rep
Dr Adaeze Bradshaw 2017 Committee Member
Dr Christopher Clark 2014 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Steven Dyer 2018 Committee Member
Dr Nimanpreet Gajebasia 2018 Regional Representative
Dr Satheesh Gangadharan 2018 Affiliate Representative
Dr Adwaita Ghosh 2019 Regional Representative
Dr Kehinde Junaid 2016 Regional Representative
Dr Christine Kelly 2015 (EX) Committee Member
Dr Haroula Konstantinidou 2016 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Shahid Latif 2017 Committee Member
Dr Asad Malik 2017 Committee Member
Dr Beth Masterson 2018 PTC Rep
Dr Selvamani Melchizadeck 2017 Committee Member
Dr Fabida Noushad 2017 Regional Adviser
Mrs Karen Peckover 2018 Committee Member
Dr Matthew Penn 2018 PTC Rep
Dr Rajashree Sarkar 2018 Committee Member
Dr Niraj Singh 2017 Committee Member
Dr Hari Subramaniam 2017 Committee Member
Dr Simon Taylor 2011 (A) Committee Member
Dr Carlo Thomas 2018 Private and Independent Practice
Ms Lesley Thoms 2017 Committee Member
Dr Samuel Tromans 2017 Committee Member
Prof. Scott Weich 2019 Committee Member

Meeting dates

Wednesday 9 January 2019Leicester
Wednesday 10 April 2019Nottingham
Wednesday 10 July 2019Derby
Wednesday 20 November 2019Sheffield

Minutes of the Trent Division's Executive Committee meetings are available (to College Members only).

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