Executive Committee

The Executive Committee communicates College issues to all members of the Trent division, as well as communicating members' concerns to the College.

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Shahid Latif 2021 (E) Chair
Dr Rais Ahmed 2021 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Navjot Ahluwalia 2023 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Saminathan Anand 2019 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Lokesh Aresh 2023 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Deepa Bagepalli Krishnan 2022 (A) QI Representative
Dr Nisha Balan 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Madhvi Belgamwar 2022 (C) Central Policy Committee Representative
Dr Rebecca Bennett 2022 (A) PTC Rep
Dr Charlotte Blewett 2020 (A) Recruitment Lead
Dr Madeleine Bonney-Helliwell 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Bhanu Chadalavada 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sidra Chaudhry 2020 (A) Editor
Dr Deepti Desai 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Kamila Haider 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Iram Jalil 2022 (C) Equality Champion
Dr Asad Malik 2021 (E) Education Training and Standards Committee Rep
Dr Amala Maria Jesu 2022 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Beena Rajkumar 2022 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Kris Roberts 2019 (A) Editor
Dr Aamer Sajjad 2022 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Sophia Senthil 2022 (A) Committee Member
Dr Mahalingam Senthil Kumar 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Niraj Singh 2021 (C) Sustainability Champion
Dr Farina Tahira 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Ana Tamas 2023 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Simon Thacker 2019 (A) Workforce Lead
Dr Rebecca Thomlinson 2022 (A) SAS Doctor Representative
Dr Elena Titova-Chaudhry 2022 (E) PTC Rep
Dr Ian Yanson 2020 (A) Regional Representative

Meeting dates

All meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams until further notice and take place from 9.30am-12.30am.

  • Wednesday 22 November 2023
  • Wednesday 13 March 2024, face-to-face (venue to be confirmed)
  • Wednesday 26 June 2024
  • Wednesday 13 November 2024

Minutes of the Trent Division's Executive Committee meetings are available (to College members only).

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