Hall of Fame

We're pleased to announce that the Trent Division Hall of Fame nominations are open again for winter 2021. 

The closing date for nominations is 30 November 2021.


The aim of the nominations are to recognise and appreciate medical students, doctors of all training grades (foundation, core trainees, higher trainees, SAS doctors, consultants and physician associates), managers, nurses, social workers and support workers (or even teams, if not individuals) for their contribution towards psychiatry in the region. This would in turn help us tell people that they are valued and appreciated for the work they do.

Method of nomination

  • Limited to areas falling under the Trent division.
  • Nominees can be from any discipline or training grade (medical students, PAs, core and higher trainees, consultants, SAS doctors, nurses, social workers, managers etc).
  • Complete the online nomination form.

Selection and featuring process

  • We will aim to feature at least one person from each discipline in each of the Trent e-Newsletters.
  • Every nomination will count, there would be no winners.
  • All nominations will have a note of appreciation from the division.

List - Previous Nominees

Dr Mohammad Abbassi, Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist, Derby

Dr Mary Barrett, Training Programme Director

Dr Sidra Chaudhry, Higher Trainee

Ms Hannah Farrell, Health Care Support Worker, Nottinghamshire

Dr Kaathan Jawahar, ST6 Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Imad Kaddoura, Specialty Doctor, Nottinghamshire

Mr Darren Keating, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Nottinghamshire

Dr Kris Roberts, CT3, Leicestershire Partnership Trust

Dr Simon Taylor, Inpatient Consultant Psychiatrist, Chesterfield

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