Prizes and bursaries

List - Trent division prize winners

2017: Dr Dipen Patel - The prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in adult patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital

2016: ­­­­Dr Jonathan Bunn - A Retrospective Analysis of Efficacy of Care on an Impatient Dementia Ward

2019:   1st Prize FY1-2:  Tamara Chithiramohan,  A Meta Analysis: The Association between Maternal Postnatal Depression and Offspring Psychiatric Outcomes in Adolescence and Young Adulthood.

2nd Prize Student Associate:  Ms Danielle Williams,  Why Eurocentric medicine needs to globalize. My elective in Sierra Leone

1st Prize CT1-3:  Dr Samreen Samad, Mental Health Life Support (MHLS) an innovative strategy for improving preparedness in Foundation Doctors

2nd Prize CT1-3: Dr Emma McPhail, An audit of safety assessment, safety plan and care plan quality and recording within South Derbyshire CAMHS

1st Prize ST 4-6: Dr Robert Bartram and Dr Ryan Dias, Bitesized Teaching

2nd Prize ST 4-6:  Dr Kaanthan Jawahar, Evaluation of an alcohol related brain injury (ARBI) diagnostic service pilot

2018:   1st Prize Student Associate: Katherine Newton, Parenting Interventions in Perinatal Mental Health Services: A Systematic Review
2nd Prize Student Associate: Duncan McGregor, A Quality Improvement Audit on DNA Follow-up in Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service 
1st Prize CT1-3: Dr Pranav Mahajan, Raising Awareness of Clozapine Induced Constipation and Associated Serious Consequences

2nd Prize CT1-3: Dr Kinza Khan, Audit of the appropriate use of Section 2 of the Mental Health Act

1st Prize ST 4-6: Dr Deepa Bagepalli Krishnan, Quality Improvement Project for out of hours clinical handover
2nd Prize ST 4-6: Dr Siobhan Smith, Electroconvulsive Therapy under Section 62


2017: Medical Student Mr Thomas Hewson - Health Needs Assessment of Male Offenders with Intellectual Disability at Calverton Hill

CT1-3 - Dr Pranav Mahajan and Dr Kiran Panesar - Compliance with Updating Medication Information on EPR in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

ST4-6 Dr Sharada Abilash - Survey of staff understanding of management of insomnia on acute mental health wards

2016: ST4-6 ­­­­Dr Abid Choudry - Adherence to medication in the community – A complete audit cycle   looking into interventions to improve the assessment of adherence in the community.

2017: Dr Mohan Rathnaiah and Dr Sudheer Lankappa - An Audit on cardiac monitoring of Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) patients

2016: Dr Emma McPhail - POEMS – Physical Observations in Mental Health Services’

2017: (£200 plus certificate) Dr Rebecca Bennett, University of Nottingham Medical School.  Together we will overcome addiction - my week at the Betty Ford Centre

2016: (£200 plus certificate) Jessica Ruscoe

2017: Three teams from the University of Nottingham

Yuuki Charlie Barke Na and Anisa Kushairi (Winners)

Maria Fransica de Almeida Costa e Craveiro da Rocha and Rosemarie Bird

Thomas Hewson and Beatrice Hartnoll

2016: Leicester: Amy Legister & Katie Brown (Winners)

Sheffield: Ahoane Qureshi & Regina Sabaratnum

Nottingham: Orla O’Reilly and Louisa Hepworth

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