Executive Committee

The Division comprises all members and Associates of the Royal College of Psychiatrists living or working in the West Midlands. 

The Executive Committee communicates College issues to all members of the Division.  All mental health trusts in the region have either an Executive Committee Member or a Link Member who is responsible for transmitting information locally.  The Committee also transmits members' concerns to the College.

The Committee agenda includes both service and professional issues and the following sub-committees have been formed to concentrate on specific areas: 

  • Medical Directors;
  • Independent Psychiatrists.

The Executive Committee acts as a liaison point for other interested bodies in the West Midlands and Regional Specialty Representatives from each Faculty are invited to attend.

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Muhammad Gul 2021 (E) Chair
Dr Suchithra Thirulokachandran 2021 (E) Vice Chair
Prof. Saeed Farooq 2017 (A) Academic Secretary
Dr Ignacio Agell Argiles 2021 (E) Immediate Past Chair
Dr Manjinder Bagary 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Dhruba Bagchi 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Udaya Balakrishna 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Emma Barrow 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Ram Benning 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Rano Bhadoria 2017 (A) Committee Member
Dr Michael Bond 2018 (A) Committee Member
Dr William Calthorpe 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Rahul Chandavarkar 2018 (A) Public Education Officer
Dr Laura Coglan 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Martin Curtice 2017 (A) Committee Member
Dr Joji George 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Hilary Grant 2021 (C) Group Member
Dr Jayne Greening 2018 (C) Committee Member
Dr Simon Heyland 2016 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Triveni Joshi 2021 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Rajkumar Kamatchi 2021 (A) Deputy Regional Representative
Dr Nilamadhab Kar 2017 (A) Committee Member
Dr Vasudevan Krishnan 2019 (A) Committee Member
Dr Andrew Leahy 2021 (A) Division Mentoring Lead
Dr Rashi Negi 2018 (E) Education Training and Standards Committee Rep
Dr Andrew Owen 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Ambreen Rashid 2021 (E) Regional Representative
Dr Naresh Rasquinha 2021 (A) Division Mentoring Lead
Dr Siraj Salahudeen 2021 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Jugjinder Singh 2021 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Jayanth Srinivas 2019 (A) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Laura Stevenson 2018 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Helen Whitworth 2019 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Yim Wong 2021 (A) Regional Representative

Executive Committee Approved Minutes

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Executive Committee Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams, 9-11.30am.

  • Friday 22 October 2021 
  • Friday 11 February 2022
  • Friday 24 June 2022
  • Friday 14 October 2022
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