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ACP 360 is our 360-degree feedback system which helps you log the feedback you need for appraisal and revalidation.ACP 360 covers eight domains: communication, availability, emotional intelligence, decision-making, relationships with service users, relationships with relatives/carers, relationships with other psychiatrists, and relationships with their team.

Once data has been collected, you get a report presenting your results, and showing your results in the context of national benchmarks.

The tool will help you with personal development by providing structured feedback in two of the GMC’s core domains – working with colleagues and relating to patients.

ACP 360 is different from other 360 feedback systems as it is designed and validated specifically for psychiatrists, by psychiatrists. 

What do our users think of the system? 

  • “Your system is very easy to use, and I particularly liked the regular update with number of submitted feedback forms. Keep up the good work.”
  • “All very smooth. It’s been particularly helpful to have access to someone on the end of a telephone.”
  • “It's really good. The ability to compare my scores against those of other people in my speciality was as useful as the actual feedback and something which only ACP 360 offers.”
  • “I was expecting the feedback collection to be a hideous annoying process, as it was for me five years ago, when I was going through the process last time. Unexpectedly for me, the ACP 360 platform made the process very smooth and straightforward, it was easy to comply with all requirements, there were no tasks for me which felt like ‘yet another unnecessary admin thing to do’, I collected the feedback from the patients faster than I expected, my colleagues replied very quickly too.”

The ACP 360 team are available five days a week to assist you in collecting your 360 feedback. We offer both individual and organisation membership, and significantly competitive prices.

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