Mental Health Watch

We’ve just updated our Mental Health Watch website with the latest data about how the system is performing.

The last few months have seen the Government announce significant investments to tackle the elective backlog and help the NHS recover from COVID-19.

But not enough attention has been paid to mental health, where services were hit by a double whammy of reduced capacity and a significant upsurge in demand.

One of Mental Health Watch’s core purposes is to summarise key data on mental health services in one, easy-to-use platform so that those at the frontline can easily understand how the system is doing and hold leaders to account for delivering the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Every quarter when we publish new data, we produce a briefing which summarises the headline issues emerging.

In our latest briefing, we look at key indicators to give us a better sense of system pressures and responses.

What does the data mean for a mental health sector dealing with a burgeoning backlog and the long tail of the pandemic?

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