Equality: New QI collaborative

Registration to join a new RCPsych QI collaborative, which will support mental health care providers to address local mental health inequalities, is now open! Has your organisation registered yet?

Organisations are now able to register to take part in an RCPsych improvement collaborative that will support providers to implement the NHS England and Improvement Advancing Mental Health Equality Resource using a quality improvement approach.

Following the successful application of this approach to complex topics in mental health, such as restrictive practice, sexual safety, suicide prevention and staff wellbeing, the team are excited to be able to turn their expertise to an increasingly important area of mental health care – mental health inequalities.

The programme is open to all organisations that provide mental health care (including NHS, third sector and private providers). It will deliver bespoke support to organisations using a personalised approach that best suits the local mental health inequalities in each organisation’s geographical area.

Although registration for the programme is done at the organisational level, as opposed to smaller internal teams, we strongly encourage RCPsych Members to discuss this opportunity within their organisations to ensure senior leaders are aware and able to take part.

Further information about the collaborative can be found on this webpage and in the AMHE Collaborative Support Offer document. The deadline for organisations to register is 31 May 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at equality@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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