All aboard

Last month Professor Nandini Chakraborty, a consultant in early intervention in psychosis (EIP) from Leicester Partnership NHS Trust, and several EIP colleagues and young patients from Leicester and from Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust, embarked on an unforgettable and unique journey.

When they boarded the Faramir sailing vessel at Ipswich on 12 September, it was for an extraordinary trip - one in which mental health professionals and patients would live, work and learn to sail side by side, for the next four days.

The trip was part of a UK wide project called the Voyage to Recovery, which came from a networking initiative of EIP teams in liaison with The Cirdan Sailing Trust, a not for profit charity.

During the voyage, Nandini recorded a video diary charting the crew’s activities, the ship’s course, and importantly, her own feelings and the spirits of those on board.

Was this unprecedented adventure successful in bringing new insights for the psychiatrists involved? How did the patients react to this unusual environment.

Find out more and watch Nandini’s fascinating video diary of the trip.

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