President’s lecture – The LGBTQ journey

Join us on 20 May to hear Dr Saul Levin share his story as a gay psychiatrist and reflect on current policy developments affecting LGBTQ people.

Dr Saul Levin, the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), will talk about his career, sharing perspectives as both a gay psychiatrist and international medical graduate.

He will also review current policy developments affecting LGBTQ people in the United States and internationally, discuss discrimination and homophobia, and address efforts within the APA on LGBTQ issues.

The lecture will be followed by a live Q and A session hosted by Dr Adrian James, President of RCPsych.

About the speaker

Prior to assuming his current role at the APA in October 2013, Dr Levin led the District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH). There, Dr Levin was responsible for the health of the nation’s capital, including primary care for infants to the seniors on Medicaid and Medicare, DC-funded health care, HIV/AIDS, addictions, health professional licensing and regulation, policy and planning.

He was also responsible for health emergency preparedness, planning and coordinating alongside dozens of federal and local agencies to ensure the public’s health during major events such as President Obama’s second inauguration. Moreover, he promoted the development of a citywide health information exchange that connects health care providers, shares critical information to promote patient care, tracks outcomes, prepares for disasters and provides for public health surveillance.

Dr Levin has long been involved in organised medicine and psychiatry. He served as Vice President for Science, Medicine, and Public Health at the American Medical Association. There, he oversaw programs related to evolving health delivery systems, such as in the areas of prevention and health care disparities. He also led efforts to improve the interface between clinical medicine and public health.

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