Updated patient resources

Read our latest information resources on PTSD and coping after a traumatic event.

The College’s latest mental health information resources on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and coping after a traumatic event were written by Professor Neil Greenberg and produced by the Public Engagement Editorial Board (PEEB).

Our resource on coping after a traumatic event covers:

  • what traumatic events are, and why they are so shocking
  • how to cope after a traumatic event and help available
  • how to support someone you know who has been through a traumatic event
  • how to support an employee who has experienced a traumatic event.

Our resource on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) covers:

  • what PTSD is and what causes it
  • why it might be more likely to happen in some situations or in certain people
  • how and when PTSD can start to present, and challenges with diagnosis
  • the treatments available, which are most effective and when someone should be offered them
  • how to support yourself or someone you know
  • information about complex PTSD and PTSD in children.

About these resources

These resources were reviewed by the charity PTSD UK, who kindly offered a patient and carer perspective.

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Our information is split between problems and disorders and support, care and treatment. We also have information resources for young people and children.

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