Social prescribing – patient information

We’ve published new patient information which explains the benefits of social prescribing, with case studies demonstrating how effective it can be.

Take a look at the College’s latest mental health information resource on social prescribing. The resource is written for patients and carers. It was developed with the help of the Public Education Editorial Board (PEEB) and specialists in the subject of social prescribing.

Social prescribing helps to connect people to community services and groups local to them and can be beneficial for people with pre-existing mental or physical health conditions. It can be used alongside current treatments or therapies and is a treatment that reflects the College’s position on encouraging sustainability in psychiatry.

Our new information resource looks at:

  • what social prescribing is
  • how it works
  • the role of link workers
  • who can benefit from social prescribing
  • how and why it is beneficial for mental and physical health, and
  • how people can access it.

Take a look at this resource and explore our other mental health information for patients and carers on our website.

Our information is split between:

Special thanks to Dr Gemma Buston and Dr Katherine Kennet for their work on this resource, and to the individuals who shared their experiences of using social prescribing in this resource.

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