Curricula review update

The curricula team has issued the following update for members, concerning the review of the training curricula.

Since 2017 the College has been undertaking an extensive review of the current curricula and we have recently re-submitted a small submission to the GMC. We thought the eNewsletter would be a good opportunity to provide an update on all things curricula, as we hope to progress with the next stage of the project!

Our plan is for the new curricula to place the trainee journey at the heart of psychiatric training, whilst also enshrining the College values. As earlier mentioned, in May 2021 we re-submitted a mini submission to the GMC, if we receive support for this submission we hope to receive full approval from the GMC in August 2021.

Our proposed framework is:

  • Psychiatry Silver Guide: The Silver Guide will act as the go to document for psychiatric training! It will include all psychiatry specific training information linked to COPMeD Gold Guide, including generic ARCP information for all specialties.
  • Core, specialty and sub-specialty curricula: The new High Level outcomes (HLOs). (replacing the current ILOs) and Key Capabilities (KCs) underpin the entire curriculum framework, and provide a clear structure to trainees across the specialties.
  • Placement Development Plans: The proposed individualised, flexible PDPs (underpinned by the HLOs and KCs) will allow the trainee and trainer to select various relevant capabilities at the beginning of their placement and discuss activities that should be undertaken to achieve these capabilities. We will be providing guidance for trainees and trainers on how to set up and utilise these.
  • ARCP Decision Aids: We are still in the process of finalising the ARCP decision aids but hope that they provide a clear structure to trainers and trainees.

Next steps

We will shortly be launching a curricula consultation and would like to hear from you!

  • Visit our soon to be published consultation webpage to find out all things Curricula and get involved.
  • We will shortly be circulating our curricula consultation form.
  • Submit a question for our twitter Q and A.
  • Attend our Curricula Webinar with our associate dean for Curricula Dr John Russell.

We would especially like to thank our Associate Dean for Curricula Dr John Russell and the Curricula Revision Working Group for their invaluable expertise and support. If you have any questions, please contact the curricula team at

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