South Asian History Month

A year ago the College celebrated South Asian History Month for the first time, and we are delighted that we will again mark this important occasion in July.

This will be a key annual event in our calendar, promoting a strong sense of equality, diversity and inclusion across the College.

It is a vital part of our Equality Action Plan but also very much aligned with our values of respect.

Unfortunately there are still too many situations which prove that racism exists and within psychiatry, we know that adults from South Asia are least likely to be referred to specialist services, despite being frequent consulters of primary care.

Research suggests this may be related to a lack of culturally appropriate services.

South Asian and East Asian people are also significantly more likely to be compulsorily admitted than people from White British backgrounds.

We want to ensure that we are working with Indian and South Asian diaspora groups to address the above inequalities and also provide support in the current emergency environment.

The College will continue to fight the injustice and inequity that exists in society.

This July we have a packaged calendar with two free members events:

Please also keep an eye out on our social media channels for videos, podcasts and blogs we are producing with members to mark South Asian History Month.

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