Elections timetable

The timetable for electing members to the College’s most senior roles will change in future, following a decision by the RCPsych board of Trustees.

The change means that elections for the role of RCPsych President will happen in December-January, while elections for Honorary Officers and other College roles will take place during March and April.

The advantages of the new approach are the following:

  • Members who stand in the Presidential election but don’t win can still apply for the other Honorary Officer elections or other roles in the College.
  • In Presidential election years, that election can be profiled more without impacting on other elections, and all candidates for other roles will already know what the Presidential priorities are for the following 3 years.
  • All roles will have a shorter time period before assuming office following their election.

It also avoids most elections being held over the Christmas holiday season.

Those elected each year will  begin their roles at the College’s AGM which usually takes place in June or July.

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