QED Inpatient report

The Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED) has produced its first Inpatient Annual Report, which innovatively displays the quality improvement work of the QED alongside investigations into the current achievements and challenges of UK inpatient eating disorder services.

The report collates the data and results of 31 QED inpatient accreditation reviews of services that span UK.

These reviews followed QED protocol which meticulously assesses the service in adherence to the 2nd edition QED inpatient standards.

Services undergo a self-assessment which is validated by multiple surveys, interviews, and a document analysis. The QED team, alongside a review team of professionals from other eating disorder services and the QED Accreditation Committee, then give the final say whether standards were met or unmet.

The report creatively presents the findings of these reviews. The report showcases contextual data about the 31 services involved, a quantitative analysis of the service adherence to the five subsections of the 2nd edition QED Inpatient Standards, and a thematic analysis of the more commonly unmet standards.

Through the thematic analysis, the themes presented as areas for services to work on are:

  • Individualised Care
  • Utilising Patient and Carer Experience
  • Caring for Carers
  • Informing Patients
  • Staff Knowledge, Training and Supervision.

These themes are discussed within the report, alongside suggestions for services to help them meet the most commonly unmet standards within each theme. The QED hope this report can be used by eating disorder services across the world to highlight areas of focus when looking to improve the care they provide.

The report also includes a short introduction and rational to support the recent revision of the standards which has resulted in the newly published 3rd Edition QED Inpatient Standards.

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