President’s lecture with Femi Oyebode

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To whet your appetite, Professor Oyebode says:

“Psychopathology is the precise description, categorisation and definition of abnormal experiences as recounted by the patient and observed in behaviour.

“It relies on the method of phenomenology by focusing on experienced phenomena to establish their universal character.

“The aim is to listen attentively, to accurately observe and to understand the psychological event or phenomenon by empathy so that the clinician can, as far as possible, know what the patient's experience must feel like.

“In this talk I will distinguish between psychopathology and nosology. I will focus on delusions with a view to illustrating a novel approach to thinking about delusions and I will suggest that there is a need to privilege psychopathology in psychiatric training. I will conclude by summarising the value of psychopathology for psychiatry.”

The lecture at 4pm on 18 November will be followed by a live Q&A session hosted by Dr Adrian James, the RCPsych President.

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