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Help make Choose Psychiatry a success again.

We're launching Choose Psychiatry on 7 Oct - our annual campaign to encourage foundation doctors to come and join us for core training.

Creating a stronger workforce to meet demand is critical. It is great that more and more recently qualified doctors are deciding to choose psychiatry. We must continue to build on that momentum.

This year the campaign extends to our core trainees too - we know some specialties are under-resourced especially in child and adolescent, and intellectual disabilities.

The campaign aims to point out the fully satisfying and enriching career you can have for many years.

Choose Psychiatry 2021

Running throughout October and part of November we have:

  • the BMJ careers fair on 7-9 October
  • more events in November
  • a dedicated Twitter chat to help trainees choose their next step on a very exciting career path.

How you can help:

  1. Attend our events or encourage others who might be interested to do so
  2. Record a quick video message and explaining why you chose your psychiatric specialty and post it on Twitter using the tag #ChoosePsychiatry. If you're social media savvy, tag a colleague too! We'd love to amplify your reasons for choosing psychiatry.
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