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A new course has been created to help psychiatrists and others working in mental health care to identify and implement ways to work in a more sustainable way.

Mental health and mental healthcare are intrinsically linked to the health of our planet. Climate change and biodiversity loss are currently at a level which are already damaging to our mental and physical health.

Many aspects of our health care system are perpetuating or even worsening the devastating human impact on the planet.

Sustainability is no longer an optional add-on in the health care sector: it is clear that incorporating a respect for the planet into the core running of health systems leads to better outcomes for the planet, patients, community and global society as a whole.

This new course will:

  • explain the direct and indirect impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss on mental health
  • explore solutions to build mental health care systems which do not just mitigate negative impacts on the planet, but supports mental healthcare that enriches individuals, societies, the planet and its systems.

This greener gold standard is possible, and this course will give participants the knowledge and tools to bring these tools and solutions to their daily practice.

This course created jointly by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and the RCPsych.

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