Role with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The CQC are looking for a consultant psychiatrist to join them as Principal Second Opinion Appointed Doctor and help deliver a duty of care to patients as set out in the Mental Health Act.

The role is nine days a month, working from home with regular travel around the UK.


The CQC has a duty under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) to monitor how services exercise their powers and discharge their duties when patients are detained in hospital, subject to community treatment orders or guardianship.

As part of their duties under the MHA, they visit and interview people whose rights are restricted by the MHA, and they require actions from providers when they become aware of matters of concern.

They also have duties to review MHA complaints and provide a second opinion appointed doctor service.

About the role

The Second Opinion Appointed Doctor function is a statutory provision of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Its purpose is to provide a protective mechanism for detained patients who do not, or cannot, consent to treatment for mental disorder.

CQC administers the service but is not responsible for the individual clinical opinion which is the professional judgement of a SOAD (Second Opinion Appointed Doctor).

The SOAD assesses the patient and reaches a decision based on sources of information including from clinicians who have been involved in the patient’s’ care.

There are currently approximately 140 SOADs who can carry out second opinions and they process approximately 15,000 requests per year.

CQC are looking for a consultant psychiatrist with an in-depth experience of operating at a senior level in the mental health, and/or learning disabilities sector with specialist clinical expertise and credibility in their relevant field.

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