LGBTQ+ survey for all members

We’re calling on all members – including those who are not LGBTQ+ - to take part in the College’s first ever LGBTQ+ survey, which is open until 31 January.

The survey aims to capture experiences of LGBTQ+ psychiatrists in the workplace – and we want feedback from all members so we can build up a comprehensive picture of what is going on.

Dr Pavan Joshi, Chair of the College’s Rainbow Special Interest Group, says inclusion work cannot be done in isolation and is urging non-LGBTQ+ colleagues to take part, as well as those who identify as LGBTQ+. He added:

“We need the whole picture. For example, when we are researching British, Asian and minority ethnic people’s experiences of racism, we also need to hear from those people around them who are witnessing their treatment.”

Dr Joshi hopes the survey will help non-LGBTQ+ colleagues to consider their own role in challenging the status quo.

The survey will help the RCPsych to understand whether LGBTQ+ psychiatrists have experienced discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace, if so from whom and what action, if any, was taken.

We will use what we learn to highlight the experience of LGBTQ+ psychiatrists.

Market research company, Research by Design (RbD), are carrying out the survey on our behalf and all responses are anonymous.

You will have received an email containing a personal link to respond. The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you to those who have already provided feedback, and thanks in advance to everyone else for taking part in this important project.

If you have any questions or would like more information please email Ruth Adams, the College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Communications manager.

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