Morris Markowe Prize 2021 winner announced

The winner of this year’s prize is Dr Cara Bell for her article ‘Knowledge is Power’.

This piece looks at the importance of accessible and transparent health records within mental health services for improving the engagement and trust patients and carers have in their care.

The Morris Markowe Public Education Prize is a yearly award for pieces of public information on the topic of psychiatry. It is open to all members of the College and trainees, and entries are judged on their readability, originality and newsworthiness from the viewpoint of the general public.

Dr Bell said:

“This topic is important to me because I feel that any barriers to transparency can be misconstrued.

“Openness needs to be central to psychiatry and the care we give. I would trust a service who was happy to share information with me and embrace a system that would welcome me as a shared partner in my care. I am still grappling with how to best adapt my communication style to share letters and I thought this was something others will be working through too.”

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