South Asian History Month

Don’t miss our free event celebrating South Asian History Month 2022 this afternoon (Thursday 4-5pm) and catch up with other activities to mark this special month.

As part of South Asian History Month 2022, we're holding a free webinar: Inequalities – through different lenses, which will be chaired by RCPsych Dean, Professor Subodh Dave.

During this webinar – at 4-5pm today (Thursday) – we will hear from UK and international speakers sharing their insights on inequalities within the South Asian context.

Speakers include Dr Santosh Mudholkar considering inequalities in the NHS through the lens of British Empire; Dr Parvinder Shergill who will talk about reducing stigma in South Asian communities and how this can address health inequalities. Also, Dr Sayuri Perera, who will join us from Sri Lanka and talk about the impact of gender inequality on mental health in Sri Lanka.


We shared a podcast from Dr Mudholkar to kick start our SAHM celebrations, in which he explores thoughts on the interaction between culture, music and the brain.

Another podcast hosted by Sachin Shah and Hamilton Morrin explores gender disparity as a threat to the mental wellbeing of young Sri Lankan women.

Coming up

We’ve got lots more planned for South Asian History Month which presents us with an opportunity to celebrate, mark and honour South Asian cultures and histories.

This includes blogs exploring how language barriers can impact access and outcomes; how the social prescribing elements of culture feed into mental health.

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