Training in Europe

The College’s President Dr Adrian James was invited to attend the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees annual forum. Below he describes what happened.

“I travelled to Malta on 8 July 2022 to attend the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees ( EFPT) annual forum at the request of their President Asilay Seker.

“The EFPT was founded in 1993 and aims to promote good training in psychiatry  across the 43 member countries.

“They have met frequently in the UK , most recently in Bristol and London , and some eminent UK trainees have been President such as Marisa Casanova Dias and Howard Ryland along with the current President.

“The meeting was lively and stimulating, with an excellent educational programme and even the President of Malta attended!

“I delivered a talk on mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic, and facilitate a workshop on leadership with the heads of the delegate nations.

“Overall I learnt a lot about European psychiatry and left with a profound feeling of optimism that the future of psychiatry was in good hands.

“You don’t often go to a conference with a ‘beach plenary’…….has a nice ring to it though.”

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