Cycling friendly – the College cycling facilities upgrade

As cycling has become more popular and many more people are taking up cycling as a way of commuting to the College, we realised that we needed to upgrade our cycling facilities for our staff and members.

We've made a number of improvements, including the installation of a new lockable storage facility with solar lights for improved safety, along with a green roof to prevent flooding and improve biodiversity following the earlier installation of a new cycle ramp.

Dr Adrian James, the College’s President, a keen cyclist and regular commuter by bike to the College, said:

“It’s great to see the College developing our cycling facilities so that we can be more accessible to sustainable transport… making it the joy it is rather than a challenge to be overcome. Happy cycling!”

Liam Wynne, Interim Head of Examinations, also had this to say about the cycling facilities upgrade:

“I’m delighted with the new cycling facility. Having a secure, covered storage area for my bike makes a big difference. It gives me confidence that my bike is safe and protected from the elements, while at work and also makes my ride in more enjoyable as I no longer need to carry a heavy lock on my commute.”

As an added benefit for cyclists the showers and lockers in the lower ground floor have also had an added upgrade, making them clean and safe for all staff.

Cycling to work has so many benefits, it can increase your fitness, along with many health benefits, save you money on tube and train fares, all whilst helping the College reduce our carbon footprint. It is also encompassed in the College’s values – 'Respect the environment and promote sustainability' – as well as helping us to achieve our goal of improving the environmental impact of all College activities and meeting our specific sustainability targets.

Take a look at these before-and-after photos of the College’s cycling facilities:

Bike facilities – before and after
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