Mental Health Watch

We produced the Mental Health Watch website to keep our members and a wide range of mental health stakeholders in touch with how the system in England is performing.

You can use the interactive graphs and charts for 25 indicators to track and analyse trends, to find out what’s happening in your service, trust or region.

Thousands of people have already used Mental Health Watch but we want more people to know about what a powerful tool it can be, including for identifying gaps and highlighting concerns.

Have you used Mental Health Watch? If so, would you be prepared to work with the College to help us promote the site?

Promotion could take the form of a simple quote, or you may even be interested in recording a video with our Digital communications team, in which you explain how you used the site and a positive outcome that resulted.

If you haven’t yet visited the site

If you haven’t used the site before, visit Mental Health Watch today, and browse the reports and interactive charts and graphs, to see the wide range of data it contains for yourself.

If you've used Mental Health Watch

If you’ve used the site and are willing to help the College promote the site, please get in touch.

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