New patient and carer resources

The College’s Public Engagement Editorial Board (PEEB) has published two new mental health information resources – one on anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and one on catatonia.

Anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder

This resource is written for people who are struggling with their anxiety, or who have a diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

This information explains what anxiety and GAD are, what causes them, what they feel like, when to ask for help, how individuals can support themselves, how they can get professional help if they are struggling, treatments available, and information for people who know someone who is struggling with their anxiety.

You can view the anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder resource on our website or order printed copies for your service.


This resource is aimed at people who are experiencing or have experienced catatonia, and the people who care for them. It looks at what catatonia is, why it happens, how it is treated, and how to support someone who has catatonia.

Our new catatonia resource is available to view and download from our website.

Special thanks to Dr Emma Salter, Dr Husam Khalil and Dr Nabeel Helal, who authored and edited this resource. This resource was also kindly reviewed by a College patient representative.

Take a look at these resources and explore our other mental health information for patients and carers on our website. Our information is split between problems and disorders, and  support, care and treatment, and we also have information resources for young people and children.

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