A reminder about our social media policy

Following the passionate debate that took place around the reforms tabled at the College’s AGM on Monday 20 June we are reminding members about our social media policy – which was published on our website in March.

The policy sets out rules for the road with regard using social media for both College members and staff – and encourages everyone to follow the College values in order remain respectful to others.

The policy says:

“This document highlights how the College expects all employees, members and patient and carer representatives to conduct themselves on social media and social networking sites, when publishing internet posts or blogs, or when creating any other form of online material.

“It applies to use which is related in any way to the College and the work of the College, as well as personal use that may affect the College in any way.

“It also includes a reminder to all College members of the requirement to comply with the General Medical Council’s guidance relating to social media.”

The proposals put to the AGM – which were based around being supportive of SAS doctors and other members of the wider team – were supported by 62% of those voting.

However, a two thirds majority was required for the proposed change to the College’s Supplemental Charter to be adopted, after which a further vote on changing the Bye-Laws would have been required.

After the AGM, our President Dr Adrian James said:

“As is often the case after a big set-piece vote, emotions are running high for some people on both sides of the debate and I would ask that all of us please remember the College values, and especially the value of Respect.

“We are all psychiatrists, we are all part of the same team – please be kind to all our colleagues, including on social media.”

He added: “Despite the outcome today, my feeling is that this is going to work out to be strangely unifying – with everyone now rallying around the need to cherish and value SAS doctors and other members of the team.

“It’s my job, as President, to keep the RCPsych together and make sure we are a unified profession, moving forward as One College.”

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