Mindmasters quiz

Cheering, laughter and learning all played a big part in the College’s Mindmasters quiz, when teams from our divisions and devolved nations went head to head at International Congress last week.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday evening, 12 teams competed in four rounds of three teams, to get through to the semi-finals in November, and ultimately to become our first Mindmasters champions.

The teams, which consisted of at least two trainees, and in many cases more (and a couple even included medical students) were tasked with answering questions on general knowledge, psychiatry, music, and doing University Challenge style quick fire buzzer rounds.

First to pit their wits against each other were the North West, Wales, and the West Midlands teams. Though the North West led for much of the contest, it was Wales who triumphed in the tightest of finishes, their 85 points just ahead of the North West’s 80, with the West Midlands some way behind with 20.

Immediately afterwards, Northern and Yorkshire, Trent and London Green took their places (London division having two teams, as they have such a large number of members), and it was London Green who triumphed, by 75 to Trent’s 45, with Northern and Yorkshire in third place with 30.

The following evening, the South West, London Blue and Northern Ireland teams furrowed their brows as they sought to reach the semi-finals. London Blue couldn’t repeat the heroics of London Green and came third with 45 points, while the South West got 55, and Northern Ireland – who have less members to choose from than any other team – won with a record 135 points.

Our final match up saw Eastern, Scotland and South Eastern test their knowledge. In the end, Eastern got 30 points, South Eastern got 80 points and in first place Scotland – the home team – won with 125 points.

Our comperes were Dr Derek Tracy and Dr Suhana Ahmed, whose Northern Ireland and London Division affiliations had no connection with the success of those teams. As a double act they worked brilliantly and, along with an enthusiastic audience, made both nights the fun and exciting events it had been hoped they would be.

Mindmasters was the idea of our Dean, Professor Subodh Dave, who wanted to introduce a quiz to celebrate the academic excellence of psychiatrists, in a fun and collaborative way.

Afterwards he said:

“It was such a pleasure to see the quiz happening at Congress after all the planning and hard work. The staff team have done an amazing job to prepare for the event, and Derek and Suhana did fantastically well to host the evening so entertainingly.

“A special congratulations to all the teams, who all competed so well, and we look forward to seeing the winners in the next round.”

The semi-finals and finals of Mindmasters will take place at the College’s Prescot St offices in London in November.

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